Marsden Jacob has been undertaking assessments of the demand for water across Queensland throughout 2016 and 2017 – including for potential water infrastructure investments in Nullinga and Rookwood and many potential opportunities across the Wide Bay Burnett region.

The assessments have variously been undertaken to identify initiatives to better utilise existing water supplies and to establish the appropriateness of proposed investments in bulk water infrastructure.

In some instances, the assessments have been undertaken to support applications for funding under the National Water Infrastructure Development Fund.  In other instances, recognising that water is an enabler of economic development, the potential for further economic growth and development has featured more prominently.

Many tools were adopted to support the analyses – ranging from gross and net margin analysis, assessments of population growth and industry prospects, stakeholder engagement, public requests for information, risk assessments, and sensitivity analysis.

The tool applied in a particular instance reflected the availability of information, the extent of preceding stakeholder engagement, the nature of the commercial framework proposed, the degree to which a project has been defined, and considerations of costs and timing.

Alternative means for meeting and managing demand, including alternative supply options, were also incorporated to ensure the most beneficial option was adopted.

Both economic and financial analyses of proposed initiatives have been undertaken.

For more information contact Rod Carr or Rick Stankiewicz.

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