Marsden Jacob was engaged by the Australian Energy Regulatory (AER) to review models and provide benchmarking advice for Alternative Control Services proposed by NSW and ACT distribution network businesses as part of the determination for the 2014-19 regulatory period.

As part of the engagement, Marsden Jacob reviewed models and proposed pricing for Ancillary Network Services, public lighting and metering sub-categories of Alternative Control Services.

Marsden Jacob’s report was released publicly on 27 November 2014 as part of the AER’s draft distribution determination.

The report details advice in relation to labour rates, on-costs and overheads applicable to these services, benchmarking of a number of Ancillary Network Services, as well as advice in relation to material and non-material costs associated with Type 5 and 6 metering installations.

The report is available on the AER’s website (here) or can be downloaded directly here:

For further information please contact Elizabeth O’Brien on (08) 9324 1785.

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