Marsden Jacob’s assessment of international best practice in safety and risk frameworks for gas and electricity networks has been published.  The assessment was undertaken to support the Victorian Government’s independent review (the Review) into the effectiveness of Victoria’s electricity and gas network safety frameworks.  Marsden Jacob’s assessment has been published alongside the Interim Report for the review.

The review’s Interim Report provides a best-practice evaluation of the effectiveness of Victoria’s electricity and gas network safety framework, in delivering desired safety outcomes for Victorians. The Interim Report is open for consultation until late November 2017 and the final report is due to be published towards the end of 2017.

Marsden Jacob were commissioned by the Victorian Government to undertake a comprehensive review of the safety and risk frameworks applicable to gas and electricity networks in five international jurisdictions.  The jurisdictions considered were New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Spain, Texas and California and were selected because they have with similar regulatory or environmental settings to Victoria. Based on the analysis we developed observations on the frameworks considered.

Marsden Jacob completed a detailed literature review into the electricity and gas sector for each jurisdiction and considered:

  • the distribution and transmission of the energy resources;
  • legislative frameworks; and
  • the risks and effectiveness of the frameworks in each region.

In addition, Marsden Jacob engaged with regulators in each international jurisdiction, drawing insights, clarity and resources from participants.

For more information on Marsden Jacob’s work in risk and safety frameworks please contact Alex Marsden in our Perth office on (08) 9324 1785.

Marsden Jacob’s report and the Review’s Interim Report are available here.

For more information on the services provided by Marsden Jacob, refer to our webpage.


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