Marsden Jacob supported the development of decision-making frameworks in Queensland to better use available water and to inform about the need for, and appropriateness of, new water infrastructure projects. Marsden Jacob provided advice on economic and financial issues that form part of best practice decision-making. These projects supported the development of the Queensland bulk water opportunity statement (QBWOS) released in August 2017:

  • outlines the Queensland Government objectives for bulk water supply infrastructure when considering the broader competition for public funds
  • describes where water allocations may be available from our existing infrastructure
  • explains how the Queensland Government will make decisions about investment when considering new infrastructure (including where and when it is needed).

Marsden Jacob reviewed the decision-making policies and frameworks adopted internationally (in the US and Europe), nationally and in Queensland.

In seeking to ensure the better utilisation of existing water, Marsden Jacob, together with OD Hydrology:

  • developed a database of supplemented, unsupplemented and groundwater allocations distinguishing also between committed and allocated water entitlements
  • completed a high-level analysis of the latent capacity of Queensland’s existing water storage and supply infrastructure and an analysis of water usage, water availability and losses
  • assessed the barriers to increased uptake and utilisation, and options to achieve more efficient use of water from bulk water storage infrastructure, unsupplemented water and groundwater
  • assessed the barriers to the uptake of reserve water allocations.

Improvements to information, operation of water markets, regulatory processes were identified as necessary to address barriers to better utilise the extensive supplies of existing water.

For more information contact Rod Carr or Rick Stankiewicz.

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