Marsden Jacob Associates is pleased to announce that we have received a $1 million grant to develop and test an innovative solution to improve transparency and reliability of Australian water market information.  We are excited about this unique opportunity to develop an application that addresses the real needs of water market participants, and will contribute in a practical way to the development of Australia’s world-leading water markets.

Earlier this year, BRII provided Marsden Jacob with a feasibility study grant to develop a prototype of the water market solution.  The $1 million in BRII funding we received this week builds on this earlier grant, and will allow us to take the water market information platform from prototype to full proof of concept stage with a fully functioning platform developed.

Funded through the Commonwealth  Government’s Business Research and Innovation Initiative (BRII), Marsden Jacob Associates was one of nine businesses to share in $8.75 million to solve government policy and service delivery challenges.  BRII allows government to tap into leading edge thinking to find innovative solutions to important challenges in public policy and develop new ways to deliver government services, and helps SMEs to develop innovative products and services for which there is a real demand.

Australia is a global leader in the development of water markets to support irrigated agriculture. Despite being a global leader, many water market participants cannot easily access customised water market information at low cost in one easy-to-use interface.  Our water market information solution addresses this challenge directly.

Over the next 12 months Marsden Jacob Associates will be working closely with water market stakeholders across the Murray-Darling Basin and in other Australian water markets to further develop and refine the market offering. We’re going to be setting up a user reference group of water market participants to help us develop the app, and to trial alpha and beta versions of the app and help us make improvements. We’ll also be looking to present beta versions of the app at regional workshops, and using Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media to get feedback from water market participants on how we can make our offering better. Ultimately, this is about developing the best product for water market participants, so we want your input.

Please get in contact with Rod Carr or Simo Tervonen if you want to be involved.

Further information on the grant can be found at the BRII site (link) and in our press release (pdf link).

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