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National Energy Market – investing in an uncertain market

Snowy 2.0 receives funding

Alinta to build WA’s largest wind farm

AEMO releases Gas Statement of Opportunities

Marsden Jacob welcomes summer interns

Australia’s first energy-from-waste plant to be built in WA

Snowy 2.0 feasibility study released

WA Gas Statement of Opportunities

IPART releases draft determination on costs and prices for the Sydney Desalination Plant

AEMC draft decision supported by Marsden Jacob modelling

Energy Sense: How has power been supplied to Tasmania and what does the Basslink outage mean to power supply

Ken Harper joins Sydney office

Review of Gas Bulletin Board Zones

Where are we heading in the East Coast Natural Gas Wholesale Market?

Review of Gas Bulletin Board Zones

Energy Sense: Understanding and Calculating a 20% LRET Target for 2020

Benchmarking advice for NSW/ACT 2014-19 distribution determination for the Australian Energy Regulator

NEM electricity forecasts

RET Outlook and Potential Outcomes

Marsden Jacob welcomes Grant Draper to our Perth office

Entura Power Systems Review

Andrew Campbell to present on the impact of reduced Renewable Energy Target on retail tariffs

Energy Practice news

Mines and petroleum penalty review up for comment

Evaluation of Beneficiary Pays to Transmission Assets

Western Australian Load Following Ancillary Service Markets

Projection of Energy Commodity Prices

Retail price projections for energy charges

Outlook for the National Electricity Market

Marsden Jacob enhances its Energy Practice Capability

Western Australian Electricity Tariff Recommendations Released

Marsden Jacob develops Green Light Plan Business Case Template for DPCD

Marsden Jacob and WSP Environment & Energy undertake Clean Technology Sector Survey

ERA proposes changes to underground power program

Review of Community Service Obligation payments to Horizon Power

Review of Electricity Tariffs in Western Australia

Marsden Jacob assists City of Casey with GHG Emissions Management Plan

Marsden Jacob develops resource material for new Energy Efficiency Exchange (EEX) Website

Marsden Jacob provided support in Power Purchase Agreement negotiations

Marsden Jacob assesses the outlook for retail electricity costs of public lighting in Victoria

Marsden Jacob co-authors RIS for expanded national legislation for appliance energy efficiency

DSE engages Marsden Jacob to analyse pricing and policy options for the roll out of sustainable public lighting