In this project, Marsden Jacob Associates worked with Advantia Transport Consulting  to identify and prioritise transport infrastructure needs for the Dairy transport supply chain across Australia from farm to processor and from processor to customers. This involved intensive modelling of the heavy vehicle profile in different regions and Australia, supply chain mapping and discussions with most of the dairy manufacturers. The project involved undertaking benefit cost analysis for three case studies where infrastructure could best address supply chain issues.

The study also examine the productivity benefits from farms to processors across the Australian dairy transport supply chain that would result from a shift in the vehicle fleet mix to one that contains more larger 9-axle B-doubles and the PBS 26m A-doubles. Impediments to accommodating these larger vehicle types were also examined. The study involved the development of a road transport cost model which was tailored to the dairy sector.

For further information on this review, please contact Matthew Clarke or Gavan Dwyer in our Melbourne office.

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