At the 2016 Stormwater Australia National Conference last week one of our recent market-based projects – the Dobsons Creek – Tanks for Helping Your Creek urban stormwater auction was awarded the National Award for Excellence in Research and Innovation.  This National Award recognises excellence in research and  innovation that fills knowledge gaps and/or addresses information or  technology needs which lead to improvements in the sustainable use and management of stormwater.

Congratulations go to Leon Harvey and the team at Melbourne Water and our project partners Chris Walsh at the Waterways Ecosystem Research Group at Melbourne University, Knox City Council and South East Water on developing and delivering this innovative project.

Market-based approaches for managing stormwater can be used by stormwater, waterway and catchment managers to cost effectively address a range of stormwater and runoff management issues in Australia. They provide a flexible and innovative way to achieve waterway and catchment water quality and flow outcomes at least cost to the community.

Through the Dobsons project, Melbourne Water and Marsden Jacob have developed a best-practice toolbox for designing and implementing market-based instruments in urban catchments to manage stormwater impacts on catchments and waterways. This toolbox can also be used to develop market based approaches for managing flooding, and for designing best-practice riparian auctions in rural catchments. Contact Leon Harvey and the team at Melbourne Water or Jeremy Cheesman in our Melbourne office to discuss how you can go about developing your own market-based approach.

This is the third award we’ve been fortunate to receive in the past 12 months for our work in market-based approaches for managing water quality and flow issues. We also were recognised for excellence by the River Basin Management Society in 2015 for our work in developing the Victorian Water Industry Water Quality Offsets Framework in the Progression of Public Policy for Waterway Management category.

Congratulations to all other winners on the night and State winners.

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