Marsden Jacob is undertaking a comprehensive review of the state of distributed generation (small to medium scale) including the use of an economic model of distributed generation. This model is finding use in work requiring projections of rooftop solar PV.

Marsden Jacob is working with Entura on the 2012-13 Power System review for the Utilities Commission in the Northern Territory. The work is involving the review of demand forecasts covering the next 10 years, generation reliability and customer service performance.

Marsden Jacob has recently undertaken several confidential pieces of work in the Western Australian Wholesale Energy Market (WEM). The WEM is continuing to undergo evolutionary developments such as markets for load following ancillary services and Marsden Jacob is assisting parties in these matters.

In the National Electricity Market, Marsden Jacob has undertaken a number of recent studies reviewing its performance and forward projections using detailed models of pool operations, renewable generation economics, demand outlook and fuel supplies.

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