We are pleased to announce that Kanchana Karunaratna has joined Marsden Jacob Associates’ Melbourne office.

Kanchana brings with him a wealth of knowledge across the water sector with over ten years’ experience in Victoria and Western Australia. He is a specialist in urban water management and integrated water cycle systems analysis, with proven ability in understanding and deconstructing the complex issues related to strategic planning within the water sector. Kanchana has a strong understanding of the needs of asset owners and water retailers when it comes to making prudent and efficient decisions regarding future infrastructure options.

Prior to joining Marsden Jacob Associates, Kanchana held strategic advisory roles at Yarra Valley Water (YVW) and the State Government of Victoria. He has enduring, well established relationships within the water sector as well as insight into the delivery pathways from strategic objectives to practical implementation.

Recent work includes:

  • Attestation for the Yarra Valley Water Regulatory Pricing Submission under the new Essential Services Commission PREMO framework. This work included managing the Board attestation process and providing guidance on the preparation of YWV’s business cases for capital and operational expenditure to prove robustness of the forecasting methodology.
  • Analysis of water retailer historical performance and providing advice on future performance benchmarks based on Citizens Jury recommendations.
  • Chair of the recent sector wide project to develop the investment evaluation framework for the Victorian Metropolitan Urban Water Strategies. The work included investigating and confirming the use of long run marginal cost (LRMC) for water supply based on future climate forecasts in investment evaluation, the treatment of direct and indirect network costs, and the treatment of positive and negative externalities. The findings confirmed the appropriateness of using  LRMC for water headworks and sewer treatment, however, the use of LRMC for valuing transfer infrastructure was considered to be inappropriate.
  • Water resource modelling based on historical streamflow sequences to confirm desalination water orders and cost. The objective of the project was to identify the lowest cost desalination order to satisfy the water security rules within a three year period.
  • Technical advisor for the Melbourne northern growth corridor integrated water management project. The project was carried out on behalf of the Victorian State Government and included options assessment for provision of alternative water supply for the growth corridor.
  • As a member of the recently formed Melbourne Water Industry Climate Change Committee, Kanchana provided recommendations to meet strategic outcomes in addressing climate change adaptation and conducted knowledge sharing forums to cross pollinate ideas across industries.
  • Whole of water cycle assessment for integrated water management projects for multiple greenfield, redevelopment and infill developments within Metropolitan Melbourne.

Kanchana has a pragmatic and practical approach to problem solving and enjoys looking at the problem from multiple angles to understand its nuances. Kanchana’s appointment will further strengthen Marsden Jacob’s capabilities in urban water management, systems analysis, regulation and pricing, and investment evaluation.

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