Marsden Jacob has been appointed to undertake a governance review of the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), Grains Producers Australia (GPA) and GRDC announced today.

GRDC Chairman Richard Clark said the review aims to ensure the most effective GRDC framework to deliver benefits for the future of the Australian grains industry.

”The GRDC is committed to delivering the most possible value to Australian grain growers and the Board wants to make sure that we’ve got the best structural model in place to achieve that now and in the future,” Mr Clark said.

”This industry led review seeks to ensure GRDC has a governance structure that will deliver robust, accountable and commercial RD&E to levy payers in a changing operating environment.”

The review steering committee, which comprises representatives of key industry organisations, is chaired by GPA Director Mr Terry Enright and will oversee the review of GRDC’s governance structure which has remained unchanged for 20 years.

”There will be a broad consultation program with industry, particularly grain growers, using a wide range of mechanisms to seek feedback including through industry representative organisations,” Mr Enright said.

”It is essential that all industry players help to inform this review as it will shape GRDC and its ability to deliver research, development and extension outcomes to grain growers for the future.

”The consultants will identify issues and opportunities, including what structure might best allow GRDC to capture increased international (and private) investment in R&D, as well as provide an analysis of available governance structure options, including an overview of best practice,” Mr Enright said.

The report is due in June 2014.

For further information please contact Gavan Dwyer on (03) 9882 1600.

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