Marsden Jacob Associates (MJA) is pleased to announce that Andrew Campbell, Dr. Daniel Magasanik and Antoine Nsair have all joined MJA, together with a number of energy modelling and analysis staff. Andrew was the former CEO of IES, and Daniel and Antoine were former directors of MMA. Stephen Wallace, a former IES director and now operating SW Advisory, is now also associated with MJA. These people join the existing MJA energy team.


MJA has also complemented its electricity and renewable energy market modelling capability with simulation and long term economic models of the Australian wholesale electricity markets, and supporting tools to review and analyse published electricity market data. A similar capability is being developed for the Australian gas markets.

The enhanced energy team combined with the economic and policy expertise of MJA, provides a substantial capability to assist market participants, regulators and government in the issues confronting electricity and gas markets within Australia and internationally. This includes regulation and policy, due diligence, retail and wholesale, generation, distribution and transmission.


For more information, please contact Andrew Campbell in our Melbourne office (Ph: 03 9882 1600).


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