Marsden Jacob Associates have been commissioned by the NSW Department of Trade and Investment to undertake an Assessment of the Economic and Social Impacts due to the difference in Time Zones between NSW and Queensland for Six Months of Year (the Time Zones Economic Study).

The Time Zones Economic Study involves:


  • estimating and describe the economic and social impacts created by the time difference between NSW and Queensland during the six month summer daylight saving period in NSW for: a. NSW border communities associated with the NSW / Qld border, and b. NSW at large;


  • investigating, ways in which NSW border residents and businesses adapt to the time difference during the summer six months and propose any solutions of adaption. Also consider any advantages from the difference in time zones;


  • estimating the economic and social impacts for NSW of changing the time every six months, including but not limited to any impacts for NSW with international trade, communications and tourism; and


  • investigating whether there are any economic implications, particularly for international trade, communications and tourism of a time zone defined to the nearest half hour (30 minute), rather than a whole hour.


For more information, please contact Rod Carr in our Sydney office (M: 0418 765 393).


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