A project undertaken for the Hunter & Central Coast Regional Environmental Management Strategy (HCCREMS) has won a ‘NSW Local Government Excellence in the Environment Award’ presented by the NSW Local Government and Shires Association.  The project was the overall winner in the Climate Change Action category.  

The project ‘Decision Support for Climate Change Adaptation’, involved development of a decision support framework and guide to improve the capacity of coastal councils to make rigorous and transparent decisions on adaptation responses to coastal risks.  A key component of the resource is a handbook providing clear and structured advice on all aspects of the decision making process including:


  • identifying adaptation options and mapping out adaptation pathways over time;
  • identifying and applying response triggers to inform the timing of adaptation responses;
  • monitoring progress towards identified threshold points; and
  • evaluating the costs and benefits of adaptation options and pathways in the face of uncertainty.


A workbook, incorporating worksheets and checklists, assists decision makers work through the process detailed in the handbook.

Although specifically targeting adaptation decision making in the central coast region of NSW, the handbook has potential application to decision making on a range of issues related to climate change, in all parts of Australia.

Further details of the project and award are available from HCCREMS' website.

For further information contact Peter Kinrade in in our Melbourne office (Ph: 03 9882 1600).

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