We’re very pleased to release our first Water Markets Outlook market note for the 2017-18 water year. Our market note provides concise coverage of factors that will shape allocation and entitlement markets in 2017-18, and a retrospective on the 2016-17 water year.

Click on the following link for a copy of the Murray-Darling Basin Water Market Report 2017-18 Outlook and 2016-17 Review.

In our market note we anticipate allocation markets will be segmented and that a ‘watch and wait’ game will play out for the first quarter of the irrigation year in the Southern Connected Murray-Darling Basin.  Permanent markets in the Southern Connected are expected to remain steady for a number of reasons we discuss in our note. The early days of the new water year have highlighted the importance of understanding underlying market rules and drivers.

The market note has been independently prepared and resourced by Marsden Jacob Associates.

Your feedback is important!

We plan to publish three more market notes at the key points of the irrigation season that will help water market participants make better informed decisions. We welcome your feedback on this inaugural report, and market issues that you’d like us to cover in our future market notes. Our contact details are provided at the back of the market note. Rod Carr and Simo Tervonen are located in our Sydney office.

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