The wait is over! We’re very pleased to release our second Water Markets note for the 2017-18 water year. Our market note reviews the market activities over the first third of the season and discusses the key drivers and events behind the market behaviour.

Click on the following link for a copy of the report: (Link)

In our market note we conclude that the first third of the 2017-18 irrigation season has seen strong prices both in allocation and entitlement markets in the Southern Connected Murray-Darling Basin, whereas demand and trading activity in the Northern Basin has been limited. In general, the confidence in irrigated agriculture is very high amongst market participants, and consequently the market sentiment is that water entitlements are not yet fully valued across the Basin.

The market note has been independently prepared and resourced by Marsden Jacob Associates.

Your feedback is important!

We received a lot of positive feedback on our inaugural water markets note earlier this year, and would like to reiterate that further feedback is very much welcomed. We’d be happy to hear about the market issues that you’d like us to cover in our upcoming market notes, and we also encourage you to participate in our BRII water market transparency project (see page 8 of the report) or media release here: (Link).

Our contact details are provided at the back of the market note. Rod Carr and Simo Tervonen are located in our Sydney office.

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