A six week consultation is now taking place for new legislation which will allow Australian, state and territory governments to significantly expand and accelerate energy efficiency for appliances and equipment in the future.

The Commonwealth Government has published the consultation Regulatory Impact Statement (RIS) authored by George Wilkenfeld and Associates, Marsden Jacob Associates, and Winton Sustainable Research Strategies. The RIS, and information about the public consultation process, can be found at http://www.energyrating.gov.au/library/details201001-ris-national-MEPS-labelling.html

In addition to exploring opportunities to improve and streamline the existing appliance energy efficiency program, the Consultation RIS weighs up the advantages of:

  • An easier regulatory environment for governments, retailers and manufacturers with more national consistency, more efficient implementation, control of product imports and stronger compliance and enforcement;
  • An expanded energy efficiency program allowing for the inclusion of non-electricity-using products such as insulation, products using other energy types such as natural gas and products with environmental impacts not related to energy such as mercury in light bulbs;
  • Additional practical information for consumers allowing for the inclusion of labels or ratings on product advertising and over time the possible inclusion of greenhouse gas labelling and intensity standards; and
  • The collection of mandatory industry reporting on imports, sales and supplies.

This consultation is the first step in a commitment by the Council of Australian Governments, through the release of a National Strategy on Energy Efficiency in July 2009, to look at new national legislation for minimum energy  performance standards (MEPS) and energy labelling.

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