• National Energy Market – investing in an uncertain market

    This report (available here in pdf) presents our key findings and conclusions on how the National Electricity Market (NEM) may evolve over the next 10 years. We look at three key scenarios. For each scenario we map out the investments…

  • Snowy 2.0 receives funding

    The Commonwealth Government has committed up to $1.38 billion towards the development of expanded pumped hydro capacity. More information on Snowy 2.0 can be found here. Marsden Jacob provided independent modelling to Snowy Hydro on the economics of Snowy 2.0…

  • Alinta to build WA’s largest wind farm

    Alinta Energy has committed to build a 214 megawatt mega wind farm on Yandin Hill, 175km north of Perth. Information on the project can be found at the Alinta site here. Marsden Jacob appreciated the opportunity to assist Alinta over…

  • AEMO releases Gas Statement of Opportunities

    The Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) has published its WA Gas Statement of Opportunities - December 2018.  Marsden Jacob Associates has undertaken gas demand modelling and market evaluation for AEMO for the past two years. Marsden Jacob Associates forecast gas consumption…

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National Energy Market – investing in an uncertain market

Snowy 2.0 receives funding

Alinta to build WA’s largest wind farm

AEMO releases Gas Statement of Opportunities

Marsden Jacob welcomes summer interns

Mining Rehabilitation Fund review published

Australia’s first energy-from-waste plant to be built in WA

Makere Hurst joins the Marsden Jacob team

Increasing the energy efficiency requirements for Class 2 residential buildings

Bruce Low – Highly experience infrastructure and financial markets advisor joins Marsden Jacob Associates

Part 4 of Waterflow analysis of MDB water markets released

Leading regulatory economist Rob Nolan joins Marsden Jacob Associates

Consultations on heavy vehicle road reform commence

Consultations on Nullinga Dam commence

Waterflow outlook for MDB 2018-19 markets

Tasmanian container deposit scheme report released

High water trade prices discussed on ABC’s Victorian Country Hour

Using contingent valuation methods to show community preferences

Murray-Darling Water Markets part 1 released

Sunraysia Modernisation Project 2 Business Case approved by Commonwealth Government

Victorian stormwater management committee

Marsden Jacob co-hosts Chinese water trading delegation

Victoria releases draft e-waste management policy

Welcoming David Rogers

We’re recruiting

Rasmus Moerch joins Marsden Jacob Associates

Innovating Water Markets at ABARES Outlook 2018

Snowy 2.0 feasibility study released

WA Gas Statement of Opportunities

Marsden Jacob Water Market Update released

Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis for Options to Reduce Plastic Bag Use in Victoria

Cost Benefit Analyses relating to the Ratification of the Amendments to List Four Chemicals on the Stockholm Convention

Best practice electricity and gas networks safety frameworks in international jurisdictions

Business Research and Innovation Initiative $1 million grant to improve transparency and reliability of water market information

Kanchana Karunaratna joins our Melbourne office

Assessing the demand for water in Queensland 2016-2017

Better utilisation of water in Queensland

Water entitlement market prices across the Murray-Darling Basin

Marsden Jacob Water Market 2017-18 Outlook and 2016-17 Review released

Independent Review of Victoria’s Electricity and Gas Network Safety Frameworks

Marsden Jacob Associates is pleased to welcome Simo Tervonen to the team

Austroads release report on CSOs

IPART releases draft determination on costs and prices for the Sydney Desalination Plant

Improving transparency and reliability of water market information

Rottnest Channel Swim

Report on mercury phase down released

Quantifying the economic costs of urban water restrictions in Victoria

Road transport infrastructure priorities for the Australian dairy industry

WA Law Reform Commission’s report on Gratuitous Services and Provisional Damages published

AEMC draft decision supported by Marsden Jacob modelling

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