• Innovating Water Markets at ABARES Outlook 2018

    The ABARES Outlook 2018 conference (March 6-7 // Canberra) is the Australian agriculture sector’s premier information exchange and networking event connecting leading national and international speakers with highly motivated and information seeking public and private sector decision-makers. ABARES has invited…

  • Snowy 2.0 feasibility study released

    The Snowy 2.0 feasibility study has been released.  Snowy Hydro’s independent Board of Directors has approved to progress the Snowy 2.0 project from feasibility stage towards final investment decision and to undertake further work and Project refinements. You can access…

  • WA Gas Statement of Opportunities

    The Western Australia Gas Statement of Opportunities (WA GSOO) include forecasts of gas demand and supply, an overview of gas infrastructure in the state, and emerging issues affecting the gas industry. It is designed to assist gas market participants and…

  • Marsden Jacob Water Market Update released

    The wait is over! We’re very pleased to release our second Water Markets note for the 2017-18 water year. Our market note reviews the market activities over the first third of the season and discusses the key drivers and events…

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Innovating Water Markets at ABARES Outlook 2018

Snowy 2.0 feasibility study released

WA Gas Statement of Opportunities

Marsden Jacob Water Market Update released

Preliminary Cost-Benefit Analysis for Options to Reduce Plastic Bag Use in Victoria

Cost Benefit Analyses relating to the Ratification of the Amendments to List Four Chemicals on the Stockholm Convention

Best practice electricity and gas networks safety frameworks in international jurisdictions

Business Research and Innovation Initiative $1 million grant to improve transparency and reliability of water market information

Kanchana Karunaratna joins our Melbourne office

Assessing the demand for water in Queensland 2016-2017

Better utilisation of water in Queensland

Water entitlement market prices across the Murray-Darling Basin

Marsden Jacob Water Market 2017-18 Outlook and 2016-17 Review released

Independent Review of Victoria’s Electricity and Gas Network Safety Frameworks

Marsden Jacob Associates is pleased to welcome Simo Tervonen to the team

Austroads release report on CSOs

IPART releases draft determination on costs and prices for the Sydney Desalination Plant

Improving transparency and reliability of water market information

Rottnest Channel Swim

Report on mercury phase down released

Quantifying the economic costs of urban water restrictions in Victoria

Road transport infrastructure priorities for the Australian dairy industry

WA Law Reform Commission’s report on Gratuitous Services and Provisional Damages published

AEMC draft decision supported by Marsden Jacob modelling

Assessment of coast protection works for storm surges

Dobson’s Creek project wins Stormwater award

Queensland Government agrees to all Reef Taskforce recommendations

Work Health Safety (Resources and Major Hazards) Regulations

Stormwater Victoria Award for Excellence in Research and Innovation

Adelaide desalination plant study

Marsden Jacob welcomes Hana Ramli

Marsden Jacob welcomes Chen Chou

NDIS – Specialist Disability Accommodation: Decision Paper on Pricing and Payments

Climate change adaptation business cases

Quarterly Water Entitlement Price Report published

NSW Government announces 10 cent deposit scheme for beverage containers

Marsden Jacob to undertake regulatory assessment for Work Health and Safety bill

Marsden Jacob assisting NDIA with accommodation pricing

Marsden Jacob Associates today announces the appointment of a new Director in our Sydney office, Rod Carr

Fuel quality review draft report released

Queensland evaluates Innovative Resources Tenure Framework

NDIA Price Review

Costs of achieving water quality targets for the Great Barrier Reef

Decision Regulatory Impact Statement on proposed WA Work Health and Safety (Resources) Bill

Specialist Disability Accommodation Pricing and Payments Framework

Energy Sense: How has power been supplied to Tasmania and what does the Basslink outage mean to power supply

Personal Injury Compensation discussion paper released

Assessing options to improve water quality in Watson Creek

Marsden Jacob helps applicants to develop funding business cases – NSW EPA Waste Less, Recycle More initiative

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