Rod Carr


BEc (Syd.), MEnvSt (Macq.)

Rod Carr is an experienced economist with extensive experience in the water, environmental, natural resource management and transport sectors. Rod has worked for State and Federal Governments over the last 10 years, with Rod’s most recent role being Director New South Wales Priority Water Project with the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. Rod has also worked for the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Australian Greenhouse Office and NSW Treasury. Before this Rod was a consultant economist with Sinclair Knight Merz, and Hassall and Associates.

Rod has significant experience with:

  • economic analysis, strategy and policy development for government and private sectors;
  • program and project development, management, monitoring and evaluation;
  • business case development and review;
  • market based instruments; and
  • institutional reform, in particular water reform and National Competition Policy reviews.
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Simo Tervonen


M Sc (University of Eastern Finland), M Sc (Lappeenranta University of Technology )

Simo Tervonen has joined Marsden Jacob Associates’ Sydney office. Simo brings a rare level of nationwide expertise in all facets of water markets, policy and trade protocols, and is widely recognised by market participants, governments and water authorities as a leading expert in Australian water markets and water trading rules. He joins us after more than four years at Waterfind Australia, where he most recently led the trade, policy and water market operations team.

Simo has longstanding and trusted networks across industry participants, governments and relevant water authorities. He has unrivalled expertise in:

  • The application of water trading rules across Australia
  • Sourcing and analysing water market information
  • Developing water market research and reports for industry participants, governments and water authorities
  • Developing market trading strategies for private clients
  • Conducting monthly, quarterly and annual water market reporting, asset valuation and analysis for large corporate client water portfolios
  • Completing commercial due diligence assessments, and assessments of regulatory risks and opportunities
  • Developing new water market products, including forward markets and leases
  • Supporting the development of water legislation, policy and procedures to mature emerging markets
  • Maintaining and developing water market trading platforms.
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