Rod Carr


BEc (Syd.), MEnvSt (Macq.)

Rod Carr is an experienced economist with extensive experience in the water, environmental, natural resource management and transport sectors. Rod has worked for State and Federal Governments over the last 10 years, with Rod’s most recent role being Director New South Wales Priority Water Project with the Australian Government Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities. Rod has also worked for the Australian Government Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry, Australian Greenhouse Office and NSW Treasury. Before this Rod was a consultant economist with Sinclair Knight Merz, and Hassall and Associates.

Rod has significant experience with:

  • economic analysis, strategy and policy development for government and private sectors;
  • program and project development, management, monitoring and evaluation;
  • business case development and review;
  • market based instruments; and
  • institutional reform, in particular water reform and National Competition Policy reviews.
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Bruce Low

Associate Director

MBA (RGU) Grad Cert Management (AGSM) M Comm (UNSW) B Sports Science (UNSW)

Bruce has almost 20 years’ experience in financial markets and over 12 years focusing on energy, oil & gas, electricity markets, and renewable energy & storage.  He has held roles  in asset consulting, broking, equities analysis, and portfolio management.  His industry knowledge and experience enable him to understand and analyse operational challenges and provide forecasts and advice to key decision makers.

He is well connected and experienced in financial markets with industry bodies, government and corporates, including senior management of many of Australia’s largest listed companies.

Bruce brings leading expertise in the information needs and assessment frameworks of different investors and in-depth knowledge across the following sectors:

  • Energy markets including electricity and oil & gas,
  • Transport (rail, trucking, ports), Logistics and Waste Management,
  • Infrastructure and Utilities

Bruce’s key skills and expertise include:

  • Financial modelling, analysis and forecasting,
  • Critical analysis of process efficiency improvement and cost optimisation,
  • Assessment of individual project feasibility, corporate strategy and overall company investment attractiveness.
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Simo Tervonen


M Sc (University of Eastern Finland), M Sc (Lappeenranta University of Technology )

Simo Tervonen has joined Marsden Jacob Associates’ Sydney office. Simo brings a rare level of nationwide expertise in all facets of water markets, policy and trade protocols, and is widely recognised by market participants, governments and water authorities as a leading expert in Australian water markets and water trading rules. He joins us after more than four years at Waterfind Australia, where he most recently led the trade, policy and water market operations team.

Simo has longstanding and trusted networks across industry participants, governments and relevant water authorities. He has unrivalled expertise in:

  • The application of water trading rules across Australia
  • Sourcing and analysing water market information
  • Developing water market research and reports for industry participants, governments and water authorities
  • Developing market trading strategies for private clients
  • Conducting monthly, quarterly and annual water market reporting, asset valuation and analysis for large corporate client water portfolios
  • Completing commercial due diligence assessments, and assessments of regulatory risks and opportunities
  • Developing new water market products, including forward markets and leases
  • Supporting the development of water legislation, policy and procedures to mature emerging markets
  • Maintaining and developing water market trading platforms.
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Dr David Rogers

Senior Consultant

B Ag Econ (hons) PhD (Sydney)

David Rogers has joined Marsden Jacob as a Senior Consultant in our Sydney office.  David is a natural resource and agricultural economist who combines his strong background in natural resource and agricultural economics, risk and portfolio theory, markets, and quantitative analysis to deliver leading applied research into environmental, resource, agricultural and labour market issues. David has real ability in being able to take economic first-principles, frameworks and quantitative methods and apply these to translate complex issues into clear, evidence based and actionable findings.

Prior to joining us David was analysing the impact of the digital economy on firm size and location, and the location and clustering of workers’ occupations and skills with CSIRO’s Data61.  Prior to that he spent more than a decade at University of Sydney as a lecturer, coordinator and tutor for several economics units of study including:

  • Agricultural Finance and Risk: David lectured in broad range of topics covering production risk and other sources of risk in agriculture. Noteworthy topics include statistical techniques for estimating stochastic processes from data and incorporating them into real options analysis, Bayesian updating, and portfolio theory.
  • Agricultural Markets: providing an understanding of the underlying forces driving agricultural markets by exploring price analysis and efficiency; information and contracts; consumer concerns; futures market; and other risk sharing devices.
  • Agribusiness Marketing: exploring theory relating to the firm-level marketing mix and marketing strategy, with emphasis on the organisation and trends of agribusiness marketing, including value-adding and market power in the supply chain, market efficiency, and international marketing.
  • Economic Environment of Agriculture: A cross-faculty unit designed for students studying science-based degrees. Topics covered include the structure, nature, and history of the agricultural industries in Australia; agricultural adjustment in the world economy; introductory principles of production economics and farm management; elementary price theory; and factors affecting the demand, supply, and prices of agricultural commodities.

David is very highly skilled in using Excel Models, Numerical Simulation, Dynamic Programming, Statistical Data Analysis, and Matlab to evaluate economic, policy and risk issues in the resource, agriculture and environment issues.  His work has included developing stochastic dynamic programming and simulation models to evaluate optimal environmental policies and quantify the option value of the role of learning and uncertainty in fuzzy decision environments, and using clustering algorithms to inform optimal land use zoning decisions.

David has a strong base in economics with a First Class Honours in Agricultural Economics, a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Economics, and two years of economics lecturing all at University of Sydney.  He has also been received a number of awards including but not limited to an Australian Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ABARE) Scholarship, the Alan Randall Prize in Resource Economics, the Warren F Musgrave Prize in Resource Economics, and the Bruce R Davidson Memorial Prize in Resource Economics, among others.

David can be contacted in our Sydney office at

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