Alex Marsden

Associate Director and Perth Manager

BEng (Hons) (RMIT), MBA (APESMA and La Trobe), GradCert Competition Policy (NTU)

Alex is an Associate Director and the Manager of Marsden Jacob’s Western Australian operations.  Alex has been with Marsden Jacob since 2008 and in this time Alex has lead a broad range of projects including cost benefit analyses, feasibility studies, business plans, program evaluation, Regulation Impact Statements and advice on policy and legislative reform as well as work in regional development.

Alex’s particular areas of expertise combine his technical and economic knowledge to enable both an overview and detailed understanding of economic issues.  This comes to the fore in areas such as non-market valuation – for the environment, natural resources and preventative health economics. In addition, Alex has a substantial experience in applying these skills in work for a broad range of utilities including water, power and transport.

Alex’s previous experience includes four years with the UK Competition Commission and eight years in West Australian environmental and water resource management. This diverse experience underlined the importance of robust, relevant and defensible process and results including extensive research and consultation to determine the likely costs and benefits of changes to competitive markets.

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Grant Draper

Associate Director


Grant Draper has recently joined Marsden Jacob’s Perth Office as an Associate Director. He has 20 years’ experience in the Australian electricity and gas sectors and has held a range of executive and senior management positions. Grant has led major work programs for Synergy, the Western Power Corporation and the Western Australian State Government.

His specific areas of expertise include:
• commercial valuation of energy projects
• wholesale electricity and gas market forecasts
• corporate and business strategy
• review and impact assessment of proposed regulatory and/or policy changes
• electricity and gas market design
• tariff and contract pricing
• demand side management and distributed generation technologies
• retail and wholesale portfolio strategy

Grant’s formal qualifications includes a Masters Degree of Economics (UWA), specialising in econometrics, cost benefit analysis and public policy, and an Executive Masters Degree in Business Administration (AGSM).

His formal qualifications and experience have enabled him to apply economic frameworks and models to deliver solutions for business and government. Grant is passionate about helping both the energy and water sector manage the risks and realise the benefits that will result from technology change. This includes smart meters, distributed energy and water supply systems, and battery storage.

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Rasmus Moerch


M. Econ, B. Econ (Copenhagen)

Rasmus Moerch has joined Marsden Jacob’s Perth practice. Rasmus brings 20 years of experience in economic analysis including designing, implementing and refining regulatory, economic, and structural policy across the electricity, gas, water and agriculture sectors.

He joins us from the Economic Regulation Authority in Western Australia, where he was most recently an Assistant Director, Licensing. Prior to the Economic Regulation Authority, Rasmus held economics and policy roles at the Western Australian Office of Energy, Department of Industry and Resources, Department of Treasury and Finance and the Department of Agriculture.  He holds a Masters Degree in Economics from the University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Rasmus brings to our team and clients leading experience and practice in the economic principles, design and implementation of:

  • Licence frameworks for the electricity, gas and water sectors including design and implementation of licensing frameworks, assessment of licence applications and management of financial and technical assessments.
  • Third party access arrangements for electricity and gas infrastructure, including review of terms and conditions, and pricing of access.
  • Review, design and implementation of pricing regimes particularly for the water, gas and electricity sectors including building block models and tariff variation mechanisms.
  • Regulatory, industry and institutional reform with focus on the national energy reform process and the electricity and gas access legislation, and liaison and consultation with industry participants.
  • Economic analysis including economic research, cost benefit analysis, policy advice with regard to climate change, sustainability and major resource projects; foreign investment reviews; State Budgeting including forecasts of economic aggregates.
  • Structural policy including microeconomic and financial analysis of competition policy, and government business enterprises, incentive regulation and industry assistance.
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Philippa Short

Senior Consultant

B Econ (UWA) B Sc (Honours) (UWA) M Econ (UWA) Grad Cert Competition Policy (Oxford Brookes University)

Philippa is an experienced consultant across both economic and natural resource analysis.  She has extensive experience in competition economics as well as previous experience as an environmental consultant.  As a result, she has the ability to research and analyse economic, scientific and regulatory information and recognise and present relevant information in a clear and concise manner.

Philippa has strong project management skills and has the ability to exercise judgement to identify and resolve key client issues under time and budgetary constraints.  In addition, she has excellent oral and interpersonal skills which enable the building of strong working relationships with stakeholders and clients.

Philippa also has extensive experience developing findings based on written and verbal consultations with stakeholders and third parties.

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