Rick Stankiewicz

Associate Director

B Econ, M Ec Studies, M Prof Acc, MBA

Rick has specialised in regulatory economics, competition policy, strategic planning and investment, and pricing. He is a well-known and respected senior advisor to government on water, energy, and transport.

Rick joins us from the Queensland Competition Authority where he was Director (Water) from 1997-2014.  At the QCA he was responsible for the regulatory oversight of Queensland’s regulated water supply entities. He recently developed a regulatory framework for south east Queensland (SEQ) retail water entities which places increased reliance upon incentive mechanisms and a greater focus on strategic planning and investment, pricing and tariff structures, customer engagement, and service quality reporting.

During his tenure he was responsible for:

  • the economic regulation of the Queensland water sector: including the 5 retail/distribution entities and the bulk water supplier for south east Queensland (SEQ), 37 irrigation schemes of SunWater and Seqwater, and the Gladstone Area Water Board. His major recent reports include:

o    SEQ (Draft) Bulk Water Price Path 2015‐18 (2014)

o    SEQ Retail Water Long‐Term Regulatory Framework, including pricing principles (2014)

o    SEQ Price Monitoring for 2013-15

o    Seqwater Irrigation Price Review 2013-17 (2013)

o    SunWater Irrigation Price Review 2012-17 (2012)

o    Multiple reviews of Gladstone Area Water Board.

  • the review of Queensland local government business activities’ compliance with competition policy, reviews of proposed local government infrastructure charges, investigations of complaints relating to competitive neutrality (electricity, rail) and a review of the regulatory arrangements for the Queensland coal seam gas industry.

Thereviews typically involved reviews of demand forecasts, forecast capital and operating expenditures (including related policies and procedures and benchmarking), the proposed return of and on capital, and pricing and tariff structures.

Before joining QCA, Rick was Director (Economic Portfolios) of the Queensland Audit Commission and Director (Microeconomics) of Queensland Treasury.  He holds a Master of Economic Studies, a Master of Professional Accounting, an MBA and a Bachelor of Economics.

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