The Victorian Government have recently published a discussion on – ‘Reducing the impacts of Plastics on the Victorian Environment’.  The consultation considers options for banning lightweight plastic shopping bags and future approaches to manage plastic waste in Victoria.

The consultation options are informed by a Marsden Jacob’s preliminary cost-benefit analysis on options for banning plastic bags, and Marsden Jacob’s analysis is published with the discussion paper.

Marsden Jacob’s analysis providing the short and long term economic impacts associated with the various plastic ban alternatives:

  • Banning lightweight shopping bags and biodegradable bags,
  • Banning lightweight shopping bags and introducing a voluntary code of practice for heavier weight bags, and
  • Banning all plastic bags (light and heavy weight).

Marsden Jacob’s assessment found that banning plastic bags, whether it is just lightweight plastic bags or also heavyweight, will result in overall economic benefits to the state.

This insight has enriched the Government’s understanding of the expected outcomes of implementing the potential ban and provide evidence favouring the consideration.

The discussion paper is open for consultation until late January 2018, and the final report is due to be published post March 2018 once publish feedback has been considered.

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The Victorian Government’s discussion paper is available here.

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