Following an announcement by the WA Minister for Commerce (Hon Michael Mischin MLC), WorkSafe WA have released the Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) that Marsden Jacob prepared for the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) Regulations in Western Australia.
As part of the harmonisation of Occupational Health and Safety (known as either OSH or OH&S) in Australia, WorkSafe WA commissioned Marsden Jacob in 2012 to undertake a RIS on the introduction of the model WHS regulations.
Through the project Marsden Jacob published an Information and Issues Paper, ran an extensive consultation process and analysed the results.
Stakeholders were able to provide input through forums and workshops held across the state as well as written submissions and an online survey.
Importantly Marsden Jacob were able to generate substantial levels of stakeholder input into the process and this resulted in approximately 3,500 downloads of the Information and Issues Paper and over 350 contributions or responses.
A core element of the RIS was a Benefit Cost Analysis which assessed the expected regulatory burden (using a standard cost model) against any expected safety benefits.
The RIS documents are available here and consist of three parts:
  • the main report (75 pages);
  • appendices (41 pages); and
  • companion Report (178 pages).
The publication of the RIS formed one part of an announcement by the Minister for Commerce that a Western Australian version of the model Work Health and Safety (WHS) bill would be introduced shortly into State Parliament.  This will be in the form of a green bill, which will be released for a consultation period of three months.
For further information on WHS and the Regulation Impact Statement, please contact Alex Marsden on (08) 9324 1785.
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