Marsden Jacob has been engaged by the Department of Agriculture and Food (WA) to prepare a scoping document on the potential for commercial agriculture in the Pilbara making use of mine dewater.

Mining in the Pilbara region has expanded rapidly in recent years and extraction of minerals from below the water table has become common. Consequently dewatering of mines has become both an issue for mining companies and an opportunity for agricultural development in the region.

The scoping document will define the options for the commercialization of projects which make use of the excess water. This includes outlining and evaluating potential investment models as well as identifying any barriers for third-party investment or operation.

Further, it will set out the preliminary framework for work going forward by ensuring key requirements/ assumptions necessary to create an investment ready environment are adequately addressed.

For further information, please contact Alex Marsden in our Perth office on (08) 9324 1785.

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