Water market outlook notes

Our Water Markets Outlook notes provide concise and independent coverage of factors that are shaping allocation and entitlement markets, and retrospective evaluation of the water year.  We release 3-5 market notes a year, depending on the market.  We publish these independent notes to support market transparency, and to help water market participants make better informed decisions.  These regular reports can be accessed through our separate Waterflow blog (here).

Murray-Darling Basin Water Markets reports

We welcome your feedback on our water market notes, and market issues that you’d like us to cover in our future market notes.   Please contact Simo Tervonen or Rod Carr to discuss further.

Market price information for Murray–Darling Basin water entitlements

Previously, Marsden Jacob and the Australian Government Department of Agriculture and Water Resources have provided water entitlement market prices reports for the Northern and Southern Murray Darling Basin.   These reports provided an authoritative independent summary of Southern and Northern MDB market activity and price information by region, and were part of a historical series of reports published by the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources to help irrigators and other interested parties to identify and understand the prices paid for various water entitlements.

These reports ended in September 2018.

Reported statistics were drawn from the state water registers of New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and South Australia and from Murray Irrigation Limited’s water exchange.

Prices on these water registers are for transfers approved by relevant authorities and may not appear on the relevant state register for several months after contracts have been exchanged or the water sale agreement was first struck. Consequently, the prices reported on water registers may not be truly representative of current prevailing market prices. For this reason, to help market participants gauge current prevailing market prices, the price reports included buyer bid and seller ask prices identified from surveys of water brokers and trading exchanges for a number of catchments, where available.

Market price information for Murray–Darling Basin water entitlements reports are available at http://www.agriculture.gov.au/water/markets/market-price-information