The Economic Regulation Authority (ERA) has engaged Marsden Jacob Associates (MJA) to assist in a review of electricity tariffs in Western Australia and of the state’s energy retailer, Synergy. MJA will work with the ERA to:


  • assess the efficiency of Synergy’s operations and wholesale energy procurement functions;

  • determine efficient cost-reflective tariff level for non-contestable customers in Western Australia; and

  • review the existing tariff structure and make recommendations for reforming tariff classes.

This is the first review undertaken by the ERA in relation to electricity tariffs, and will require the development of a regulatory building block model of Synergy and a market-based model of generation and demand in the State’s wholesale electricity market. The ERA is required to make a series of recommendations, including in relation to cost reflective electricity tariffs in Western Australia. Further information relating to the ERA’s inquiry can be found at ERA's website.


For more information, please contact Peter Shardlow in our Perth Office (08 9324 1785).


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