Update: Final report released.  See below.

Marsden Jacob, in conjunction with Pacific Environment/Toxikos, have been engaged by the Department of the Environment to undertake an independent review of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000.  The Act provides the legislative basis for national fuel quality and fuel quality information standards in Australia.

The current objectives of the Act are to:

  1. regulate the quality of fuel supplied in Australia in order to:
    • reduce the level of pollutants and emissions arising from the use of fuel that may cause environmental and health problems;
    • facilitate the adoption of better engine and emission control technology;
    • allow the more effective operation of engines; and
  2. ensure that, where appropriate, information about fuel is provided to consumers when fuel is supplied.

Scope of review

This review of the Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000 will consider:

  1. The appropriateness and relevance of the objects of the Fuel Quality Standards Act including consideration of:
    1. the interrelationships between fuel quality, vehicle emission standards and other standards, government policies and initiatives, e.g. automotive design and technology, fuel and transport industries, deregulation, productivity, or economic matters;
    2. the extent to which the Act has been able to meet its objectives; and
    3. the role, if any, of fuel quality standards in meeting the aims of the Plan for a Cleaner Environment and in the development of the National Clean Air Agreement.
  2. Options, including a preferred option, to meet the objectives recommended in response to point 1, that:
    1. are efficient and effective;
    2. allocate roles and responsibilities to those best placed to deliver outcomes, e.g. government, industry, community; and
    3. identify appropriate sustainable funding models.
  3. Any implementation issues that will need to be addressed to ensure a smooth transition to any future model.
  4. Any other relevant matters including environmental, health, technical and regulatory issues.


During the course of the review two major rounds of consultation are being undertaken with stakeholders.

  • The first round of consultation was undertaken with the release of an Issues Paper (published June 2015).
  • The second round of consultation will be undertaken with release of a Draft Report (expected in early 2016).

During the course of the review Marsden Jacob is also undertaking direct consultation with stakeholders. This includes seeking further one-on-one consultations with these people or organisations following receipt of submissions.

Issues Paper

An Issues Paper was released in June 2015 which sought feedback from stakeholders on the direction of the review. The Issues Paper outlined key issues for the review and options for addressing these issues.

A copy of the Issues paper is still available for download in Word or PDF:

Submissions were invited in response to the Issues Paper by 24 July 2015 and approximately 30 submissions were received.  Many organisations and individuals requested that their submissions be treated as confidential.  The remaining submissions are available on request.

Submissions received in response to the Issues Paper are being considered in the drafting of the Draft Report.

Final Report

The Final Review Report is now available for download in PDF.

The technical air quality and health risk assessment reports are also now available for download.

Thank you to all those who provided submissions on the Issues Paper and Draft Report.  The submission period is now closed.

A media statement accompanying release of the final report can be found at the Department’s website (here):

Further information

The Department’s website provides more information on the background to the review and legislation, as well as links to the Terms of Reference for the review and the media release announcing the review.