The Independent Market Operator (IMO) was required to undertake a review of the Gas Bulletin Board (GBB) Zones to consider the appropriateness of the Zones in achieving the Gas Services Information Objectives (GSI) by providing an appropriate breakdown of gas supply and use within the state.  The IMO assigned Marsden Jacob the task of preparing a draft report and undertaking a consultation process to obtain feedback from market participants and interested members of the public.  After incorporating feedback, Marsden Jacob completed a final report which has been published on the IMO’s website (full report).

The report makes a number of recommendations on changes to the Zones and the GBB more broadly.  This includes:

Removing the prescription of the Zones from the GSI Rules to allow the IMO more flexibility to allocate new pipelines to Zones;

  • Publishing nominations and forecasts for individual facilities (rather than on a Zonal basis);
  • Adopting guidelines on the allocation of pipelines to Zones and the revision of Zones to accommodate future gas developments;

On the basis of our report, the IMO will now consider what changes are necessary to the GBB Zones to ensure that they better meet the GSI objectives.

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