Our capabilities

The Marsden Jacob team has many years of experience providing clear strategic, economic and policy advice on environmental protection and climate change. Combining relevant post-graduate qualifications, with in-depth knowledge and robust analytical frameworks and techniques, the Marsden Jacob team is able to facilitate informed decision-making on a wide range of environmental issues .

Our experience and expertise covers climate change adaptation and mitigation, urban air pollution, solid waste management, water management, coastal management and biodiversity protection. We provide the following services relevant to these issues:

  • decision-making frameworks
  • cost benefit analysis
  • business case development for environmental programs and investments
  • climate change risk assessment and adaptation planning
  • environmental policy development and review
  • market-based instruments for environmental protection
  • non-market valuation
  • bio-economic modelling.

Our clients

We work on environment and climate change issues with clients at all levels of government – federal, state and local – as well as with water and energy utilities, non-government organisations and the private sector.

Our work results in better environmental policy and strategy, improved environmental and economic outcomes and a clearer understanding of community preferences for environmental protection.

Our projects

Recent examples of our projects include:

  • Development of a decision-making framework for climate change adaptation
  • Climate change risk assessment and adaptation planning for businesses, government departments and councils
  • Water strategy development in the context of climate change
  • Cost benefit analysis of government policies designed to increase recycling and reduce litter
  • Cost benefit analysis of government policies designed to reduce air pollutants
  • Non-market evaluation of environmental flows