The Snowy 2.0 feasibility study has been released.  Snowy Hydro’s independent Board of Directors has approved to progress the Snowy 2.0 project from feasibility stage towards final investment decision and to undertake further work and Project refinements.

You can access the reports underpinning this nationally significant infrastructure investment here (link)

By pairing new dispatchable energy generation with large-scale storage, Snowy 2.0 can help stabilise the NEM of the future, lower consumer prices, and support deeper penetration of  variable renewable generation to meet Australia’s Paris Agreement commitments and beyond.

Marsden Jacob is very pleased to be working with Snowy Hydro as lead advisor delivering the economic analyses underpinning the Snowy expansion feasibility study.  Our work supporting the feasibility study will be released this quarter.

Please contact Andrew Campbell in Melbourne or Grant Draper in Perth to discuss further.

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