Valuing Victoria’s Parks provides world-leading information on the value of Victoria’s parks to our communities and the economy.  The report is a joint report produced by DELWP and Parks Victoria.

The report uses best practice environmental accounting and non-market valuation approaches to quantify the benefits that parks and their ecosystems provide. Valuing Victoria’s Parks shows tourists spend $1.4 billion per year in Victoria related to their visits to parks, adding 14,000 jobs to the State’s economy. Additionally Victoria’s parks contain over one million hectares of catchments which supply water used for drinking, food production and other industries. The value of water filtration services provided by Victorian parks alone is estimated at $83 million per year.

Marsden Jacob and Alluvium worked with Parks Victoria and DELWP to develop the watershed service values in the report.  Our work highlights that Victoria’s urban and non-urban parks provide Victorians with ‘green infrastructure’ watershed services worth hundreds of millions of dollars a year.

We used EnSym – DELWPs Environmental Systems Modelling Platform to simulate how Park land management contributed towards water supply, water filtration and purification, and flood mitigation outcomes across Victoria.  We used these outputs and best-practice environmental valuation approaches to estimate the economic values of these three services, and how the supply and value of these services could change under different land management scenarios.

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