The Victorian Government has recently published a Draft policy on the management of E-waste in Victoria.  E-waste refers electrical and electronic waste, which is growing rapidly in Victoria and other parts of Australia.

The draft policy is informed, in part, by a Marsden Jacob cost-benefit analysis (CBA) on options to reduce E-waste from landfill in Victoria.  Marsden Jacob’s analysis considers the short and longer term economic impacts associated with various E-waste policies including banning E-waste from landfill and providing E-waste collection and sorting infrastructure and services.

Marsden Jacob’s assessment found that banning E-waste from landfill could, in some circumstances, result in overall economic benefits to the state, but that significant investment will be required by State government to ensure that the benefits of diverting E-waste are realised.

The Victorian Government’s policy impact assessment (which includes Marsden Jacob’s CBA) and draft policy are available here.

For more information on Marsden Jacob’s work in environmental economics and public policy, contact Rod Carr in our Sydney office on 0418 765 393 or Peter Kinrade in our Melbourne office on (03) 9882 1600.

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