Expression of Interest – Chairperson

We are seeking an outstanding person with significant leadership skills to Chair our Board and our growing team.

Inclusive. Insightful. Experienced. Engaged. Values-based. Candid. Strategic. Respectful. Independent.

We encourage applicants from a wide range of backgrounds to apply. We are interested to hear from people holding the required criteria, and who bring other desirable skills.

Download the EOI here.

How to apply

To apply for this role please send your Cover Letter and CV with a short description about why you would suit this role to by 27 September 2021.

We are seeking to appoint our new Chair by December 2021. Recruitment will involve:

  • Shortlisting EOIs and responses by early October.
  • Discussions with prospective candidates during October and referee checks.
  • Nomination of preferred candidates at Board and to shareholders in November.
  • Appointment in December.


To discuss the opportunity further, please contact any of Marsden Jacob’s Directors. Our contact details are available here.

Marsden Jacob is a boutique economic, public policy, markets, regulation, and strategy advisory practice. We are a collaborative and values-based practice of trusted advisors.

Our team of 30+ professionals work on some of the most interesting and pressing microeconomic, policy, market, and strategy issues in Australia and overseas. We provide expert advice across the water, energy, clean energy, environment, climate change, waste and recycling, agriculture, public policy, and transport sectors. We are a team of trusted advisors with senior industry expertise and strong networks.  

We help our clients to shape the future wisely: to make informed decisions with confidence, backed by the best evidence and analysis, and a good dose of commercial nous. We are passionate about what we do, and the public value we help create. 

Internally, we focus on our employment frameworks to grow and maintain an environment that is flexible, supportive and reflective of our organisational values.

Our Marsden Jacob principles and values underpin how we operate as a practice, treat others and expect to be treated, and go about helping shape the future wisely. 

We are highly collegiate. We work on the merit of ideas and evidence, not rank

We talk straight. We talk with empathy and respect, supporting a positive workplace and trust based relationships with our clients and partners.

We recognise, celebrate, and communicate our successes. We develop a culture that recognises and communicates the good efforts of our team, our clients and partners.

We are inclusive and flexible. We grow an inclusive workforce that reflects the clients and communities we work and live in. We support flexibility in how, where, and when our people work, and how, where and when our clients’ and partners’ people work.

We value outcome-focused contributions to making Marsden Jacob a better place to work. We encourage staff to get in and create positive change by identifying opportunities and acting on them. 

We’re owned by our staff, with around half our team now owning equity. That means we set our own path as a team and choose who we work with and the work we do. We chart our own course.

Our Chair will strategically guide us in our next stage, and ensure we continue to grow our positive impact in Australia and internationally.

The Chair sets the tone of the organisation. To that end we are seeking an experienced Chair with significant skills at board level to help us continue to thrive.

You will be inclusive, insightful, strategic, positive, and respectfully candid. You’ll be able to bring together different views and objectives into agreed future plans.

Your values and principles and ours will align. You will want to make a positive impact through your contributions to our business and through our business.

Required criteria for our next Chair.

CriteriaRequiredWhat we are looking for
IndependentYou will be independent and not have any conflicts of interest.
You will be inclusive, insightful, strategic, positive, and respectfully candid. You will balance personal traits to support the making of good decisions by the Board and challenges Directors. You will be able to effectively lead constructive and timely discussion and debate, drawing on the expertise of the Board. You will have proven ability to think through complex issues strategically, independently, and imaginatively.
Detailed and demonstrated understanding of Chair’s role in establishing and exercising effective governance practices and ensure regulatory compliance.
You will believe in for-profit with purpose and have experience working with profit-for-purpose Boards. You will have a track record of making a positive impact through your strategic contributions.
You will have highly developed financial literacy so as to provide strategic guidance and insight on how to maintain and grow the value of the firm (short-run and long-run).

Desired criteria for our next Chair.

CriteriaDesiredWhat we are looking for
Industry experience, leadership, and networks in one or more of the areas we specialise in (water, energy and clean energy, agriculture, environment, waste and recycling, public policy, transport).
Qualifications See AICD.
Experience in mergers, acquisitions, and new start up to help guide future decision-making on both acquisitions and start-ups by Marsden Jacob and purchase of Marsden Jacob considerations.

Proposed Scope of our next Chair’s role.

With Board

Ensure that the Board behaves in compliance with, and decisions are made in accordance with, the Marsden Jacob Shareholder deed.

Be clear on what the Board needs to achieve over the short and longer-term, and progress against these objectives.

Provide guidance to other Directors about what is expected of them and conduct at the Board level and through the business.

Establish board meeting agenda with the Directors and Chair meetings. Ensure that Board meetings are effective in that:

  • The right matters are considered during the meeting.
  • Matters are considered thoroughly, and all Directors have the opportunity to meaningfully contribute.
  • The Board comes to clear decisions and resolutions, and these are documented and followed through on effectively and efficiently and in a way that grows shareholder and staff support for the business and how we go about our business.

Outside of Board

Be a spokesperson and advocate for Marsden Jacob, with our team, shareholders, clients, partners, and in the community.

Attend and present at quarterly shareholder meetings, the annual Marsden Jacob strategy day.

Be kept informed of company events by the Directors.

Regularly review with the Directors and other staff recommended progress on important initiatives and issues facing Marsden Jacob, our team, and clients and partners.

Provide mentoring to Directors.

Initiate and oversee the annual Director and Managing Director performance review and planning process.

Time Commitment

We anticipate this role will require 18 days a year for monthly board meetings, quarterly shareholder meetings, Marsden Jacob strategy days, and other contributions.


2 years, with the option to renew.


Remuneration is based on a fixed annual fee, set commensurate with skills and experience.

Speak with the right person

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