Alasdair Norton

Director (Chairman)
BA (Hons) (Oxford)


+61 3 8808 7400

Alasdair has over 15 years experience in international investment and financial markets.

Alasdair has managed groups, within an international investment bank, in London, New York, Tokyo and Hong Kong. He has served as Managing Director of Credit Suisse First Boston, with responsibility for its equity capital markets business in Asia and its derivative structuring business in the emerging markets globally. Alasdair is the Chairman of the Marsden Jacob Board.

His experience includes:

  • preparation, negotiation and execution of fixed income and equity capital raisings for a broad range of entities
  • analysis, negotiation and execution of complex financial structuring including credit, equity, foreign exchange, commodity and environmental asset-related derivative products
  • assisting entities in their negotiations with commercial and investment banks with regard to capital structuring and the reverse engineering of derivative products
  • general business and financial mentoring to a range of new ventures, smaller companies and not-for-profit enterprises
  • fixed income and equity portfolio investment management.

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