Gabriela Medina

MES (Melb.)

Gabriela’s keen interest in energy systems provides a creative approach for solutions to the current challenges faced by the stakeholders and valuable insights of the market performance.

With a background in Industrial Engineering, Gabriela’s professional trajectory in optimisation projects brought her practical approach to the energy sector. Her experience in data analysis and quantitative methods make her a creative modeller that strives for simplifying complex concepts and processes. During her time working at private companies and consultancy groups, Gabriela’s modelling methodology and strategic design for problem resolution automated processes that increased operational productivity and contributed to significant bottom line savings.

Gabriela’s interest in sustainable systems led her to pursue her master’s degree in Energy Systems at the University of Melbourne with a full scholarship. Gabriela was a summer intern with Marsden Jacob in 2019 and is now rejoining the team after completing her Master’s degree. Gabriela’s motivation to contribute to the transition towards more sustainable energy systems along with her professional experience make her an excellent provider of valuable insight for the Australian energy sector by creating bespoke models and supporting holistic qualitative research and analysis of the market.

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