Hana Ramli

MEnergySystems (Melb.),BSc (Actuarial Science) (Hons) (Curtin)


Energy & Clean Energy, Environment & Climate Change, Public Policy


Quantitative methods & modelling, Market design, Market performance & evaluation, Strategy design, Strategy performance evaluation & reform

Hana provides economic, financial and statistical advice across the private and public sectors on some of Australia’s most pressing energy sector issues.

With extensive experience as a senior analyst and a modeller, Hana has worked on some of the more complex problems in energy markets for private and public stakeholders. Her ability to work through them with the aim of simplifying results and provide valuable insights are exceptional.

Hana has expertise in modelling issues in the Australian energy sector including: forecasting pump hydro storage, dynamic and static marginal loss factors, gas load, wholesale electricity market dynamics, energy futures, retail tariffs and the impact of renewable energy uptake on NEM and WEM. Hana is also adept at analysing historical correlation and risk quantification in energy markets using statistical models. Her prior experience in private companies allowed her to work on multi-faceted commercial issues such as retail forecasting for Corporate Finance teams, regulatory responses to Public Utility Office in Western Australia and workers compensation premium forecasting for Actuarial Reserve.

Her diverse set of skills are honed from completing her honours degree in Actuarial Science before working for Wesfarmers Insurance and Alinta. Recently completing her Masters in Energy Systems, Hana is part of the larger University of Melbourne energy community, which is at the forefront of shaping future energy communities in Australia.

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