Lachlan Dawson

Senior Consultant
BCom/BSc (Monash)


Water, Environment & Climate Change, Agriculture & Earth Resources


Non-market valuation, Investment appraisal & business cases, Strategy design, Quantitative methods & modelling, Policy design, Governance & institutions

Lachlan understands both the economic and ecology conservation aspects of Environmental economics. Get in contact with Lachlan to talk about economic analysis and modelling within the natural resources, environment and climate change sectors.

Lachlan approaches the natural environment with an awareness of both the commercial and scientific basis for environmental management. His study of economics, as well as ecology conservation and biology, awards him a uniquely holistic perspective of environmental economic appraisal.

He also brings an avid appreciation of climate change economics and the market mechanisms driving climate finance, along with familiarity with non-market evaluations and cost-benefit analysis.

Lachlan is passionate about how economic analysis and academic research can inform project decisions and legitimise sustainable management of natural resources. Examples of his work include:

  • Economic modelling, applying statistical techniques, data analytics and visualisation to forecast and communicate the future value of work.
  • Economic analysis, including business case preparation, cost-benefit analysis, cost-effectiveness analysis and data analysis for local government, state government and private sector clients.
  • Investment appraisal, focusing on specific client needs, objectives and costs/benefits to give clear and practical advice.

Lachlan has strong economic and financial modelling skills with experience in developing products tailored to clients’ specific needs. His key strengths are attention to detail and communicating high-level concepts in simple terms.

Lachlan holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) and Bachelor of Science (Ecology conservation and biology) from Monash University.

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