Mikaela Nye

BCom (Melb.)

Mikaela is passionate about using qualitative and quantitative analysis to create impactful outcomes. Her cross-sector experience in impact assessment and economic data analysis enables her to provide invaluable support to the wider Marsden Jacob team. 

Mikaela’s expertise and experience includes:

Economic impact assessments

  • Conducted impact assessments for sports events – assisted managers with market research and provided economic analysis on the impact on tourism and investment.

Business strategy cases

  • Led a team in constructing a volunteer engagement strategy in line with a company’s recent organisational restructure.
  • Developed a framework for measuring and communicating the social, environmental and economic impact of a not-for-profit.

Policy evaluation

  • Provided assistance in data analysis to support an evaluation of a water rebate and retrofit government policy program.

Financial analysis      

  • Assisted in the evaluation of a restructuring project proposal by providing extensive financial analysis.

Mikaela is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance) at the University of Melbourne. Her deep interest in policy and impact evaluation drives her academic pursuits.

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