Nic Lansdell

Associate Director
BArts/Com (Hons.) (Melb.)


Environment & Climate Change, Agriculture & Earth Resources, Public Policy, Social Policy and Social Impact


Market design, Market performance & evaluation, Policy design, Policy evaluation & reform, Strategy design, Strategy performance evaluation & reform, Diversity and inclusion

Nic combines an understanding of theory, the application of testing processes, and an insight into practical implementation issues to design economic and policy solutions that help clients achieve their objectives and, importantly, avoid the unwanted side-effects that often arise when dealing with complex problems. Get in touch with Nic if you want to discuss the design of policy or market mechanisms.

Nic is a leading policy and economic advisor who applies her skills across sectors including the environment and climate change, primary industries, government procurement and allocation mechanisms, and education. She is a specialist in economic design, policy analysis, experimental economics, public service management, plain English writing, and project management. She is adept at connecting the smaller but important details of a project with the big picture.

Nic’s expertise includes:

  • Policy evaluation and advice: including role of government, articulation of clear and appropriate objectives, identification of market failures, cost recovery, research and policy analysis. Nic’s expertise is applicable across the public sector. She has deep experience in policy evaluation and advice at the State and Commonwealth levels on matters relating to biodiversity, fisheries, climate change, programs concerned with multiple environmental outcomes, education, gaming, and interactions between environmental policies and programs.
  • Economic and policy design: particularly in the design and review of public allocation and procurement mechanisms. Nic’s a leading applied expert in market design and implementation including: auctions, tenders, offsets, and cap and trade schemes. Her experience includes testing and refining policy and market design using economic experiments, market design research and analysis, and the application of theory in the real world.
  • Project management and implementation: as an experienced public sector manager, start-up experience, government grant recipient, governance, report writing, the development and delivery of public training materials, project evaluation.

Nic began her career in the Environment Branch at the Productivity Commission, before working in Strategy at Accenture and then with economics and policy teams in various departments within the Victorian Government, including as manager of the Economic Design Team at the Department of Sustainability and Environment. 

She has worked on the design and implementation of many market mechanisms, including online combinatorial auctions of leases for Victorian aquaculture sites, offset and tender programs for the procurement of biodiversity and other environmental goods and services, and an electronic auction for licenses to operate Victorian gaming machines. Nic represented Victoria on Rounds 1 and 2 of the National Market Based Instruments Pilot Program Working Group. After leaving government she continued to test public policy and market design as Pilot Manager for the Centre for Market Design at the University of Melbourne.

In addition to her economic and policy expertise, government departments value Nic’s management and writing skills. Nic’s experience includes being a secretariat member for the independent inquiry into the Victorian EPA, establishing program governance and project managing higher education’s contribution to the Victorian Education State work program, and managing the project team responsible for the revision of habitat compensation fees charged under the Melbourne Strategic Assessment program, based on a cost-recovery model.

Nic is also the founder of Bizzibrains, a company that produces personalised, interactive story-book apps for children. She has written and published ‘I imagine’ and, in conjunction with Screen Australia, ‘I learn’. Both apps featured in Best Apps for Kids, Best Interactive Stories and Apps we Love in the App Store. Bizzibrains’ awards include the Parents’ Choice Fun Stuff award and a Bronze Global eBook Award for ‘best multimedia’.

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