Richard Clarke

Senior Associate
MEc, BEc (Monash)


Public Policy, Other Sectors


Policy design, Governance & institutions, Market design

Richard is a Senior Associate at Marsden Jacob Associates. He has 40 years of professional experience in major public policy issues in the public and private sectors and is expert in contemporary policy design, governance, institutional reform, market design and regulation.

Richard has extensive experience in the analysis and solution of contemporary policy issues across a broad range of areas, including the water sector; transport; delivery of government services; food safety regulation; building regulation; environmental regulation; local government regulation; development approval processes; a review of regulatory institutions and practices; reducing recidivism and imprisonment; trans-Tasman economic relations; industry policy; and housing policy. In addition to regulatory reform issues, his professional interest has focussed on the connections to best practice governance, better regulation, institutional reform and efficient and effective market design.

In recent years Richard was a Commissioner at Victoria’s economic regulator, the Essential Services Commission, with regulatory jurisdiction over energy, water, the Port of Melbourne, taxis, and local government. He has been deeply involved in the practical design and robust assessment of regulation across a wide array of sectors and in the application of regulatory impact assessment and the design and assessment of cost recovery.

He has held senior roles in productivity commissions and similar organisations, including the Australian Productivity Commission, the Victorian Competition and Efficiency Commission, the New Zealand Productivity Commission, the Better Regulation Executive in London, and the Queensland Productivity Commission, where he is a visiting researcher. He has also led teams in Victoria’s Department of Treasury and Finance responsible for state taxation policy and urban water reform.

Richard was a research fellow at the Centre of Policy Studies at Monash University during the early 1980s, working on reform of public utilities, followed by six years as Chief Economist for Shell Australia, a leader in scenario planning. He holds has a Master of Economics and Bachelor of Economics, both from Monash University.

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