Richard Wrightson

Associate Director
BEc (Hons) (Nottingham Trent)


Energy & Clean Energy, Environment & Climate Change


Due diligence, Strategy performance evaluation & reform, Strategy design, Market design, Market performance & evaluation, Quantitative methods & modelling

Richard has over 28 years of industry experience in the energy sector. Get in contact with Richard if you want to talk about the NEM, Australian gas markets, New Energy Investments and portfolio & risk management.   

Richard has been involved with the development and growth of Australia’s energy markets since 1996.  Richard has significant corporate experience most recently running AGL Energy’s Wholesale Division. Operating in both physical and financial markets, AGL’s Wholesale Division managed diverse commodity positions including power, gas, LNG, oil, coal, and environmental products across Australia. 

Richard’s experience also covers AGL’s asset and business investment strategies. These strategies led investments as diverse as Crib Point LNG import terminal, Barker Inlet Power Station, Iona Gas Storage partnership, SA Virtual Power Station project, Liddell Power Station closure, Dalrymple Grid Battery project, various pumped hydro projects Perth Energy gas retail business and many more.

Richard led AGL Energy’s virtual power project. This project coordinated customer’s EV, home Solar and battery technologies within AGL’s broader portfolio and the grid. Working closely with various battery suppliers AGL was able to provide network and market services by orchestrating home owner’s energy investments.

Richard has also spent 4 years serving on the AEMC Reliability Panel. The Reliability Panel is responsible for monitoring, reviewing and reporting on the safety, security and reliability of the national electricity system.

Richard’s particular expertise includes:

  • integrated energy strategy. the increasing interplay of energy commodities in the Australian market means an understanding of all energy commodities is required when making business decisions. Richard can provide insights on how the movement in the Newcastle Coal index can impact Queensland solar projects or how international LNG prices can impact hydro storage levels. These insights support sound and robust business decisions
  • power & gas market design. performance and evaluation, including reforms of the developing National Electricity Market, electricity market projections and risk assessment for due diligence purposes (transmission and generation), expert witness roles, implications of policy (such as various models of carbon pricing, renewable energy schemes, transmission access models etc), transmission issues such as access rights, renewable energy market, gas market projections and competition issues, advice on market rules and regulation (such as market price cap and the Reliability and Emergency Reserve Trader), and power system reliability.
  • new energy investments. Richard can advise on the opportunities and business cases for new energy developments both at the domestic and grid level. Critical to this advice is an in-depth understanding of the interplay between network, market operator, customers, and power markets to deliver the full potential of new energy projects.
  • asset investment strategy and business cases. Richard can provide independent advice to current and new-to-market energy participants, in major refinancing assignments, investment strategies and feasibility studies, as well as for other purposes. This advice is supported by insights into current market reform agenda and it’s likely to impact on revenue and risk models.
  • risk management. Richard has significant experience in the development and implementation of complex risk management solutions across diverse businesses, commodities and markets. A key focus has been combining leading governance principles whilst optimising business flexibility delivering sound business results.

Richard spent ten years working for AGL. Prior to joining AGL Richard worked at Loy Yang Power Ltd, the State Electricity Commission of Victoria, the Electricity Trust of South Australia, Nuclear Electric PLC (UK) and PowerGen PLC (UK). Richard holds a BA Honours in Economics from Nottingham Trent University.

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