James Holloway

Senior Consultant
MEc (2022), BCom (UWA).


Water, Public Policy, Environment & Climate Change, Agriculture & Earth Resources

With a background in quantitative and econometric analysis, James specialises in solving problems across Australia’s water, energy and environmental sectors. His strength lies in his ability to translate complex economic analysis into intuitive solutions for a broad range of stakeholders.

James is passionate about using his quantitative and econometric analysis to solve problems, advising on infrastructure investments that generate value for the wider community. This passion has driven the success of business cases for government departments and utilities across Australia. 

His experience and capabilities include:

  • Economic evaluations for the wider community
    Cost-benefit analysis models that aim to calculate the economic, social, and environmental costs and benefits to the wider community.
  • Input-output modelling
    National and regional input-output models that aim to value the income and jobs created as a result of public sector expenditure. These models aim to capture direct economic impacts to the sector of interest and spillover impacts into other sectors.
  • Investment appraisal
    Financial models that aim to assess the viability and potential return on investments to determine whether they are worth pursuing.
  • Customer value studies
    Developing willingness-to-pay surveys that aim to investigate the value customers placed on current and future services proposed by utilities using econometric methods of analysis. These studies have fed into regulatory price submissions for water and electricity utilities.
  • Data analysis and visualisation
    Expenditure forecasting models that produce dynamic and interactive dashboards. These dashboards provided crucial insights that helped guide informed investment decisions across the water sector.

Before joining Marsden Jacob, James completed a Master of Economics at The University of Western Australia, completing a thesis titled, Is convergence of the marginal product of capital conditional on institutions? The paper looked at the relationship between a country’s institutional quality and its ability to attract foreign investment by critiquing the literature’s calculation on an investor’s marginal return to capital.

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