Simo Tervonen

MSc (Economics and Business Administration) (UEF), MSc (Industrial Science) (LUT)


Water, Agriculture & Earth Resources, Public Policy


Market design, Market performance & evaluation, Due diligence, Policy design, Governance & institutions, Policy evaluation & reform

Simo has a rare level of nationwide expertise in all facets of Australian water markets and policy. Get in touch with Simo if you want to discuss market trends and drivers, trade rules and protocols, or water management and licensing frameworks.

Simo is widely recognised by market participants, governments and water authorities as a leading expert in Australian water markets and water trading rules. Public and private sector clients work with Simo for his unrivalled, Australia-wide knowledge and understanding of all things water trading and policy – there isn’t a water market in Australia he hasn’t looked at. Simo takes great pride in drawing upon his vast knowledge and applying his high attention to detail to efficiently identify solutions that meet clients’ requirements.

Prior to joining Marsden Jacob, Simo worked in key policy and market operations roles at one of Australia’s leading water brokerage firms. He has longstanding and trusted networks across industry participants, governments and water authorities.

Get in contact with Simo if you’re after deep knowledge and expertise in:

  • The application of water trading rules across Australia. Simo’s knowledge of legislated water plans and regulations in all states and jurisdictions, and the ability to interpret those rules in client specific context, make him an extremely beneficial resource to all market participants and stakeholders.
  • Sourcing and analysing water market information. Simo has compiled datasets and analysed water markets across Australia’s mature and emerging trading regions. He oversees the development and maintenance of our in-house water market databases.
  • Developing water market research and reports for industry participants, governments and water authorities. Simo’s ability to recognise market trends and drivers, and report the findings in a thorough and detailed manner has assisted various clients in their decision-making.
  • Developing market trading strategies. Simo’s knowledge of trading rules and regulations has assisted clients inoptimising their trading activities and achieving better trade outcomes.
  • Conducting monthly, quarterly and annual water market reporting, asset valuation and analysis for clients’ water portfolios. Simo’s own insights, combined with wide networks across market participants, have added value to a variety of clients in the form of reports and assessments, improving their understanding and knowledge about underlying market drivers and events.
  • Completing commercial due diligence assessments, and assessments of regulatory risks and opportunities. The ability to identify opportunities regarding water market and entitlement characteristics, combined with Simo’s knowledge about trading rules, has provided valuable insights to various market participants’ expansion and operation plans across Australia.
  • Developing new water market products. Simo has been involved in maturing the Australian water market by designing new market instruments offered to the market.
  • Supporting the development of water legislation, policy and procedures to mature emerging markets. Simo’s knowledge about prevailing practices and market fundamentals regarding cap and trade systems has made him a valuable asset to government and private sector clients looking to make the most out of the benefits water markets can offer.
  • Maintaining and developing water market information systems and trading platforms. Simo has been the project manager for the Waterflow project, creating new mechanisms for providing transparent and independent water market information to all market participants.

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