‘Talks Live’ webinar series

Shape the future wisely.  In 2021-22, we’re celebrating Marsden Jacob’s 25th anniversary.  As part of our celebration, we’re launching our Marsden Jacob ‘Talks Live webinar series. 

The Marsden Jacob Talks Live webinar series brings people together to discuss pressing issues across the environment, energy, water, waste and recycling, agriculture and earth resources sectors in Australia and internationally. These free webinars are open to everyone. We aim to share best practices and bring the latest research and thinking to a broad audience.

Our focus in these events is on encouraging open, positive, and collaborative discussion amongst webinar participants. We encourage you to come with questions, opinions, experiences, and interests you can share.  We also welcome your thoughts on future topics for our webinar series. Each live event includes a presentation, followed by an open discussion between webinar participants. 

Talks Live 2: Simplifying Water Markets
Tuesday 26 April 2022
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Talks Live 1: Dollars, sense, and nonsense: valuing natural capital with economics.
Tuesday 8 March 2022.
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