Philip Jones

BEc (Hons) (Qld.)


Public Policy


Investment appraisal & business cases, Quantitative methods & modelling, Policy design

Philip brings more than 30 years’ experience in economic and statistical analysis across the private and public sectors and a broad range of industries.

Clients benefit from applying Philip’s experience to develop solutions to their own issues. 

Philip has extensive expertise and skills across policy, project and regulatory assignments. Most recently these skills have been applied in analysis of waste and climate change impacts sectors. Philip also has experience in alcohol and gambling, telecommunications, water, cemeteries and transport.

Philip has particular expertise in:

  • Business cases and cost-benefit analysis across a number of industries. Recent work includes developing models to examine the net benefits of sea walls for coastal zone protection in NSW, and the implementation of container deposit schemes across a number of States.
  • Policy analysis particularly relating to regulation of the Australian waste and environment sectors. In Victoria, Philip has recently reviewed the EPA’s hazardous waste fund and modelled proposed changes to fuel regulations for the Commonwealth.
  • Quantitative methods and modelling. Philip recently developed demand estimates for gas in Western Australia and for AEMO’s energy price limits review.

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