Kanchana Karunaratna

Associate Director
MBA, GDipBA (Melb), BEng (Hons) (Curtin)


Water, Public Policy, Environment & Climate Change


Regulation, pricing & cost recovery, Investment appraisal & business cases, Strategy design, Strategy performance evaluation & reform, Non-market valuation, Quantitative methods & modelling, Policy design, Governance & institutions, Policy evaluation & reform

Kanchana has a unique skill set and experience that allows him to connect engineering with economics. He specialises in urban and rural water sectors. He has a strong track record of advising senior executives to enable robust decision making.

With a background in engineering and applied economics, Kanchana brings an invaluable set of skills to the decision-making table.

He has experience across the Australian water sector and has provided advice on:

  • Water cycle investments: Kanchana is an expert in economic evaluation of water infrastructure investments. He applies a tailored industry leading economic evaluation framework that enables asset owners to understand the full spectrum of critical issues from levels of service, investor criteria, funding mechanisms, non-market benefits and traditional, direct, and indirect costs. The framework is compliant with State and Federal Treasury guidelines.
  • Regulatory pricing: Kanchana understands the key issues related to development of regulatory pricing submission with a particular focus on capital and operating expenditure forecasting.
  • Strategic Review: Kanchana has experience in undertaking strategic review of an asset base to ensure efficient performing. He has provided financial modelling and strategic advice to asset owners to enable them to restructure and optimise their asset base and made recommendations to ensure sustainable performance.
  • Pricing of offsets mechanisms: Kanchana’s strong understanding of asset planning and operation has enabled him to develop robust pricing models to calculate pricing for offset schemes for clients such as Moonee Valley City Council Darebin City Council and Mornington Peninsula Shire Council. The pricing mechanisms provide an innovative alternative to achieve environmental targets where they can be delivered by the most economically efficient means.

Kanchana has strong economic and financial modelling skills with experience in developing complex economic and financial models for large scale projects. His key strength is extracting the material implications and testing the sensitivities to provide a clear direction forward for decision makers.

Kanchana holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Civil, Hons) from Curtin University and an MBA from University of Melbourne.

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