2023: A year in review

2023: A year in review

For many of us at Marsden Jacob, 2023 has been a transformational year. Announcements came thick and fast – including positive Australian and international elevated climate goalscommitments to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030, renewed commitments to achieve agreed national water reforms, and the finalisation of frameworks that help businesses internalise their costs of doing business.

All these announcements give cause for optimism and a sense that, as a country, we are continuing to shift towards recognising and valuing our national and global environment and resources in more balanced ways than before. 

However, our optimism is tempered by the knowledge that announcements need to be backed by real sustained commitment, and that all these announcements come with very real cost and delivery risks. Our optimism is further tempered by knowing that our trajectory remains negative on many counts. Global emissions are still increasing and in Australia, we still have one of the highest rates of biodiversity decline in the world.

With this in mind, we’re looking forward to working across many of these issues in 2024 and continuing to help to shape the future wisely. 

As we close out 2023, there is much that we are grateful for. We’re grateful to our clients who entrusted us to work together on significant issues across water, energy, agriculture, circular economy, climate change, social policy and sustainable transport – in Australia and overseas. We’re grateful for our delivery partners across environmental and natural sciences, engineering, big data analytics, social sciences, law and many other areas. We’re grateful to see many of the contributions we’ve made this year being actioned and contributing to positive outcomes for current and future generations. 

And of course, we’re grateful to our incredible team. Thank you all for your dedication and passion, your positivity and adaptiveness, and your ongoing contributions to making Marsden Jacob a great place to work as we continue to grow.

We look forward to seeing what 2024 will bring. 

Marsden Jacob’s 2023 highlights

  • We partnered with over 100 organisations on 35,000+ hours of project work, helping shape the future wisely across agriculture, energy, environment, public policy, circular economy, transport, recycling and waste, water and other matters.
  • Welcomed 12 new highly skilled team members and recognised our team’s continued expansion and development with 5 promotions. 
  • Over 91% of our team said Marsden Jacob was a great place to work.
  • We spoke at over 45 online and in-person events and conferences.
  • We grew our LinkedIn following by 33% and published 10 LinkedIn articles and 106 posts.

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