Riddhi Panse

Senior Consultant
PhD (IIT), MTech (IIT), BEng (MU)


Energy & Renewables, Environment & Climate Change, Public Policy


Quantitative methods & modelling, Policy design, Policy evaluation & reform, Market performance & evaluation

Riddhi is a nationally and internationally experienced analyst and market/system modeller, with a focus on improving sustainability outcomes across the water and energy sectors.  

From providing data-based insights and technology assessment to policy and regulatory research and lifecycle project management, Riddhi’s consulting and technical work has included:  

  • hands-on experimentation with electromechanical systems 
  • data collection and post-facto analysis using Python or other languages 
  • finite element modelling (ANSYS, MSC ADAMS etc.). 

Riddhi’s career highlights include:

  • Principal research investigation of innovation opportunities
    • Co-invented two US and two European patented innovations. 
    • Built an electro-mechanical setup from scratch to integrate novel sensors and build intelligent condition monitoring algorithms. 
    • Built a computational setup to model and simulate vibration-induced defects in a machine.  
    • Built a ‘rule engine’ for statistical diagnostics for intelligent condition monitoring of a sensor-fitted industrial machine. 
  • Utilities data analysis (pricing unit)
    • Analysed the links between electricity consumption of the business customers of one of Australia’s largest utilities gentailers and spot market prices by AEMO. 
  • Financial/tariff modelling, design and review
    • Scrutinised the financial models submitted by electricity producers to assess the feasibility of their projected revenues and operational performance, including fuel cost, O&M and interest cost.  
    • Drafted tariff orders for businesses.  
    • Contributed to multi-year tariff framework design and review of electricity subsidy models.

Riddhi holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Mechanical) and a Master of Technology (Energy Systems Engineering) and PhD in regression-based modelling from renowned institutions in India.

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